Artificial Intelligence: the revolution

Par JEREMY PERRIN, publié le mardi 21 novembre 2023 16:10 - Mis à jour le mardi 21 novembre 2023 16:10

General information about AI

Definition: AI means Artificial intelligence. It is capable of solving problems and communicating with us. It really seems intelligent. AI is everywhere, even in our phones. Tiktok generates videos that we usually like. Snapchat has an AI that you can chat with. ChatGPT generates text that you ask for. AI can also be in the robots and in machines. 

In 1950, Alan Turning proposed a test for an intelligent machine. In 1955, the first AI was born. In 1961, the first industrial robot was created. In 2011, Apple created Siri, a personal assistant on your phone. Alexa was introduced by Amazon in 2014. Until today,  AI still evolves through the years. Maybe in one year, it will surpass us, who knows?

Autonomous driving cars

To begin with, autonomous cars use AI to drive, based on sensors and cameras. You can relax because you don’t have to drive. You can’t get lost because the cars have a GPS and Wifi for example. If you don’t know how to drive, it’s useful. It reduces the risks of accidents because it can detect the dangers faster  than human drivers with sensors, cameras and AI algorithms to enhance safety on the roads. With WIFI you can also communicate with each other like with your father or friend. To be more precise driving an autonomous car is immensely useful and interisting because individuals can reclaim their time during commutes. If every car uses AI, it can allow a better traffic, more reaction time so more safety, and the cars are eco-friendly. However, it can be dangerous because it can be hacked. Also, there are not too many electric stations to charge the cars. In addition, the taxi drivers can loose their jobs.

Positive opinions about AI

  • AI can help you at home
  • can cook for you
  • can drive you where you want
  • cant watch your house and your children when you're not at home
  • can be your friend
  • can do human tasks

Bill Gates' opinion: the creator of Microsoft thinks that AI can reduce some of the world's worst injustices "I'm convinced AI can make the world more equitable".

Negative opinions about AI

For us AI or robots are really dangerous in our society because they can kill people and they can destroy the world in the future. However, most of people think AI is useful. Although AI can replace humans. Finally, many scientists are against it like Stephen Hawking. He said "the development of full AI could speel the end of the human race". And Geoffrey Hinton says "we have to take seriously the possibility that AI get to be smarter than us [...]". Scientists' opinions are important because they know what they're talking about.